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Unlike most of our competitors, EDGE was founded as a “Home Performance” company. For 14 years we have fixated on building science data and energy payback consulting, while adapting to new science and research leading to added focus on healthy homes..

EDGE sustainable energy solutions lead to utility bill reductions and offsets of 25% – 100%. Customers also see noticeable improvements in comfort, indoor air-quality, and building safety and durability.

The Green Team

Delivering large volumes of Programs for Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES), and Installation of Solar Photovoltaics (PV)  is hard in its own right, but merging the daily operations of these disparate, yet concurrent pipelines, requires a wonderful ballet of building science, safety, IT and organizational efficiency to be mastered and accessible to EDGE staff transparently and equally.

Some facts

Employing and Training staff since 2006.

16 yrs

Of operation

50 +

Skilled people

5 states


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When it comes to sustainability and energy efficiency we get the results. A reliable and trustworthy contractor, EDGE is the way to go.

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