With the help of shared climate data, and on-site diagnostics our Energy experts will provide a performance based study, which is progressively integrated into project development

Step 1


Based on local climate data, and pre-existing house conditions.

Step 2


A digital (twin) model is integrated with data of energy systems and internal loads.

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Step 3


Performance based software produce a energy evaluation of the digital model. 

Step 4

Build your Home

Digital modeling provide better solutions for construction, limiting redundant errors, and guaranteeing that all energy targets are met successfully.

“EDGE Energy has provided top-quality service for the State of Maryland in multiple energy efficiency programs over the past eight years. Their area of expertise covers a wide range of services which includes weatherizing single-familylow-income homes, installing renewable energy, and managing larger scale multifamily energy efficiency renovation projects.”

– Jonathan Bluey,Deputy Director, 2019 Maryland DHCD